Saturday, December 25, 2004

Joe Creator

Music & Lyrics by Patrick Anderson

Once upon a genesis
Authors of the word insist
Earth and Heaven came to be
Sponsored by the Deity.

Do you think they fabricated
How it all originated
Could it be their motivation
Was to tame the population?

Joe Creator show your face
Can’t you let the human race
Understand the mystery
Without all the history?

Father of eternity
Who wrote your biography?
Did they let you proof the book
Maybe you should take a look.

Who is Adam, who is Eve
How could they be so naïve
All of us are born with sin?
That’s a bogus origin.


Are we good or are we bad
Are you happy, are you sad
If you know what lies ahead
Why don’t we just stay in bed?

Since your love is absolute (and)
Merciful beyond refute
What about the fiery vat
Who the hell came up with that?


Preachers spread the fear of God
As they petrify and prod
All the faithful to comply
Without ever asking why.

Humbled by their guilt and shame
Tortured by the smoke and flame
If salvation has a price
Will their 10% suffice?


Is it your interpretation
Women cannot lead a nation
What about a congregation
Isn’t that discrimination?

What’s your stance on evolution
Preacher needs a new solution.
How could Noah just ignore
Every living dinosaur?


Ministries refuse to face (that)
Charles Darwin made his case.
Do the other primates mind
Sharing trees with humankind?

Since the work of Mr. Hubble
Genesis has been in trouble
Why are bible lovers leery?
You’re the BANG in (the) Big Bang theory!


Did you mould our image first (or)
Do we have it all reversed?
Are you black or are you white
Would we know you at first sight?

What if you did not exist.
Would the franchise still persist?
That’s not so incredible
When your god’s invisible.


Doesn’t it make perfect sense (to)
Get the scarecrows off the fence?
All of Oz would be more certain
If you’ll just pull back the curtain.

If I had to make a guess
I’d be tempted to profess (that)
Witnessing you with my eyes
Illuminates a thousand lies.


All the “martyrs” scream your name
Just before they kill and maim (but)
Do you really give a damn
Who occupies the promised land?

People try to drag you in (to)
Mitigate their mortal sin
If you get a moment free
Send ‘em all to hell for me.*


Tell us how to picture you
Are you red or are you blue
What’s the reason you conceal
How you look and how you feel?

Won’t you let us take a peak
Can’t you let us hear you speak?
Everybody wants to know
When you’re gonna start the show.

Copyright 2004 Patrick Anderson
All Rights Reserved.

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